UL Listed Fire Sprinkler

Pendent and upright and conventional and sidewall sprinklers are designed for use in automatic sprinkler systems designed in accordance with standard installation (NFPA13). The temperature response is standard response 5mm glass bulb and fast response 3mm glass bulb. The sprinklers come with compact design. available in different finishes and temperature ratings.

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The sprinklers body is made of brass die-casting copper alloy (DZR). The spring seat consists of a spring Belleville washer coated on both side with a Teflon tape.

Pendent and conventional and sidewall sprinklers are installed with adjustable or non-adjustable escutcheon plates. These are intended to be installed finished ceilings. Escutcheon plate adjustment provides convenience in pendent and conventional sprinkler installation in case of areas with finished ceiling or walls.

The sprinklers which are manufactured and tested in accordance with the rigid requirements of the Standard UL 199, also should be installed in accordance with the current Standard NFPA 13.
The system piping must be properly sized to insure the minimum required flow rate at the sprinkler. Check for the proper model, style, orifice size and temperature rating prior to installation, install sprinkler after the piping is in place to avoid mechanical damage, replace any damage units, wet pipe systems must be protected from freezing.
Upon completion of the installation, the system must be tested per recognized standard. In case of a thread leak, remove the unit, apply new pipe joint compound or tape and re-install.
a. Pendent sprinkler must be mounted in a pendent position, and upright sprinkler must be mounted in upright position, the C U/P sprinkler may be mounted both in upright and pendent position, the horizontal sidewall sprinkler is install at horizontal position, to suit for field condition.
b. Hand tighten the sprinkler into the sprinkler fitting. It is recommended that a torque of 7 ~14 ft-lbs be used to obtain a thread 1/2 inch NPT Sprinkler joint. A radial force of 10 – 20 lbs.
c. For using only a non-hardening pipe joint compound or Teflon tape apply to the male thread only.
d. Hand tighten the sprinkler into fitting, use a 22mm open spanner or 8” (200mm) adjustable wrench on flat to tighten the unit into the fitting, do not use spanner on the frame arms, for it will cause the arms break and glass bulb burst.

SIN Response type Sprinkler Style Temp. Rating F (C)
GT001 SR Sidewall 155 (68)
GT002 QR Sidewall 155 (68)
GT003 SR Upright 135(57)  155(68)  175(79)
GT004 QR Upright 155 (68)
GT005 SR Pendent 135(57)  155(68)  175(79)
GT006 QR Pendent 155 (68)
GT007 SR Conventional 155(68)
Deflector Brass UNS-28000
Bulb Glass with Glycerin Solution
JOB G5 or Day-impex-937 for Ut0001, Ut0003, Ut0005, Ut0007
JOB F3 or Day-impex-941 for Ut0002, Ut0004, Ut0006
Load Screw Brass UNS-28000
Seal Brass UNS-28000
Frame Brass UNS-28000
Seal Washer Belleville Washer coated on both sides with Teflon Tape
Bulb Nominal Diameter Standard Response 5.0mm, Quick Response 3.0mm


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