Standalone Photoelectric Smoke Detector


The AW-SSD602 Standalone Photoelectric Smoke Detector (hereinafter called detector) can detect a large amount of smoke when fire generated sending alarm signal in time. Alarm adopts photoelectric smoke devices and excellent production technology, work stability, beautiful appearance, easy to install, without debugging, which can be widely used in hotels, stores, Internet cafes, dancing hall, coffee shop, lounge and residential places on fire safety monitoring.

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1.     Strong Adaptability For Circumstance
2.     SMT Design, High Stability
3.     DC9V Battery Non-polarized
4.     Power Supply Non-Polarized input
5.     Twin Led For 360 Visual
6.     Flashing Led Power Indicator
7.     Remote Led Indicator Output(2-Wire)
8.     Metal Shield. Anti-Electromagnetic Interference


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