Standalone Gas Detector With Magnetic Valve


AW-CGD2166-1 Combustible gas detector (hereinafter referred to as this detector) is applied with advanced microprocessor technology development of combination of long life and good quality of gas sensitive element, used to detect combustible gas. Widely used in the factory, family, hotel, apartment need to combustible gas such as safety monitoring sites.

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1.     Gas sensitive element:Combustible gas: Catalytic combustion type, good linear, work stability;
2.     Small volume, simple installation, easy to use;
3.     Passive often opened with a set of relay output  normally closed contacts and a set of solenoid  valve control signal output.(Optional, control type)
4.     Wireless signal 315MHZ (Or 433MHZ); Can be convenient to match with security and fire control system. (Optional, wireless type)


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