Stand Alone UV Flame Detector

Stand Alone UV Flame Detector. It’s different from normal smoke detector and thermal detector. This detector designed according to ultraviolet light emitted by flame detection. If the detector is in monitoring range, it will quickly respond to the control panel and alarm. Any spark can be detected by the flame detector, even a small group of flame, do not need heavy smoke or high temperature. In the event of a fire, the detector can rapidly finish the whole completion fire work to protect the safety and property of human beings.

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  1. Detection

About 7 cm flame can be detected within 10 meters immediately. The greater the flame , the farther the distance it is to detect.

  1.  Alarm

This device is according to ultraviolet light being emitted by the flame made design, and when it encounters a burning flame or an electrical short circuit, alarm will be issued.

  1.  Alarm Sound Stop

5 seconds after the flame disappeared, it will stop the alarm sound automatically, and continue to monitor the state.

  1. Battery Power Shortage Warning Device 

When battery power is empty or almost empty, every 10 seconds the flame detector will indicate this with an audible “beep” to inform you to replace the battery.

  1. External Function

In order to connecting to the central security system, this machine is equipped with an external terminal, which can be used to provide a power supply or to send an alarm signal.

  1. Wireless Transmission Function

This feature is only applied to type AW-FD501-UV wireless device. When the alarm is issued, it also sends out the high frequency radio waves containing code to notify the central host or with the use of wireless security alarm system.


Battery Dry battery 9V 6P
Perception mode Ultraviolet UV tube
Battery life Standby mode can be used for 5 months
Size 125×72×47mm
Detection Angle  Upper and lower 70° left and right 65
Working temperature  -10℃~60℃
Alarm volume 80db


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