Silent check valve

Check valve flow refers to rely on the media itself, and automatic opening and closing valve, used to prevent the backflow medium valve.

Also known as the non-return valve, check valve, valve, and the back pressure valve upstream.Check valve belongs to a kind of automatic valve, its main role is to prevent the backflow medium, to prevent the pump and drive motor reversal, and the discharge of the container medium.

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  1. Bolted bonnet, swing and elevating disc metal sealing surface.
  2. Body and bonnet joint form.
  3. Bolted bonnet, the flange gasket type can undertake choosing according to difference of stress level.
  4. Disc spacing device, prevent disc open position is too high to be shut down.
  5. Solid pin shaft installation precision, high strength, to ensure the use performance and service life of the valve.
  6. Rocker has enough strength, close enough freedom to facilitate the disc to close.
  7. Disc has sufficient strength and rigidity, clapper sealing surfaces according to user requirements surfacing welding metallic materials or non-metallic materials.



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