Pressure Switch

Pressure switch is pressure change of water pressure can be converted to electrical signal output facilities.
Used to start the spray pump, monitoring the working state of alarm valve and the pressure inside the pipeline.
Ontology by the copper alloy, aluminum alloy bearings, the copper alloy valve core, d eyes of rubber sealing film and micro switch.

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1. Should be installed vertically upward.
2. Interface: R1/2 “.
3. The working medium: water, air.
4. Connection cable should wear inside and outside the galvanized steel pipe.
5. Wiring: provide can pay a normally open contacts with a normally closed contact, for users to choose to use.

1. The rated working pressure: 1.2 MPa;
2. The seal test pressure: 2.4 MPa, maintain 5 min, no leakage, deformation;
3. The action pressure: 0.035 to 0.05 MPa;
4. There is normally open, normally closed contact of a deputy.
5. Contact capacity: 24 VDC, 3 A,220 VAC, 5 A.


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