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AW-FTM2000 Fire Telephone Handset is the accessory used for AW-FTP2008 (8 zones), AW-FTP2016 (16 zones) fire telephone panel which is a new fire special communications equipment. When the fire accident, it provides a convenient means of communication, the fire control and alarm systems necessary communications products.

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Mobile hanset compatible with fire telephone jacks.


Operating Voltage AC220V 50HZ OR DC24V
Alarm Current ≤0.5A
Temperature Range 0℃~+40℃
Dimension 75mm * 45 mm *20mm

the host fire extinguisher can be used with both handset and jack, where as a fire handset jack includes a jack with or without an addres. phone hanset includes handsets with or without address.

Product Features:
1. using a non-polar cable, built in microprocessor, can be used with a telephone fire departement host.

2. During the call, the host can call the phone without addres extension, and the host can realize full-duplex conversation, simple and covenient operation, and clear calls.


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