Fire Pump Set

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Fire pump set consists of one main pump coupled to electric motor, one stand by pump coupled to diesel engine, jockey pump, pressure vessel, controller for manual or automatic operation of system and standard accessories mounted on base frame.

1.Electric pump ,can use single stage pump, horizontal split case pump, end suction pump, multistage pump, material can be cast iron, stainless steel, and bronze impeller

2.Diesel engine pump, with capacity and head equal to electric pump, with fuel tank, water tank, fan, control box

3.Jockey pump, horizontal or vertical, capacity will be small, but head should be higher than electric and diesel engine pump

4.Control panel: Auto control of electric pump, diesel engine pump and jockey pump with overload, over current protection

5.Accessories: check valve, gate valve, pressure vessel, generally 0.6mpa, 1.0mpa, 1.6 mpa, Pressure gauge, Pressure sensor, common pipe for suction and discharge, Flexible joints and flanges, common base plant

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1.Application scope
Equipment for warehouses, docks, airports, petrochemical, power plants ,liquefied gas, textiles, ships, oil tankers and other occasions of fire service

2.Using instruction
Altitude :<=1000m
Ambient temperature:+5 -40 degrees Celsius
Relative humidity: <=90%

Fire pump system is made of E+D+J
Operation:1 Duty(electric)+1 standby(diesel engine)+1 jockey
Capacity:30 to 2000 GPM with pressure 4 to 20 bar
Pressure vessel:25,50,75,100…Liters, pressure will be 0.6mpa,1.0mpa,1.6mpa,select according to pump head.
Speed:740-3000 r/min


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