Conventional Fire Strobe Sounder


The AW-CSS2166-5 is a conventional type sound and light alarm, sound and light for short. It is an automatic fire alarm system output devices, mainly through the alarm will sound and flash signal, suggesting that people fire.

By DC 24V electrical signal to the conventional type of sound and light alarms powered, it sounds an alarm buzzer and flashing lights flash issue.

In the event of fire, the device can send out an effective warning sound & flash to notify people to evacuate.

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1.    Merits:
1)     Equipment operation stable & reliable
2)     Easy to install & wire
3)     Equipment has also issued two kinds of sound and flash an alarm signal, even people with disabilities can be a timely response to evacuate.
2.    Demerits:
1)     Automatic fire alarm system can not identify the specific location of the sound & light.
2)     Sounds kind is non debugging , only one alarm sound choices.


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