Automatic Gas Extinguisher Control Panel

The AW-GEC2159 Automatic gas extinguishing control panel is a combined fire alarm control panel and extinguishing system and has 4 detection zones, any or all of which are capable of contributing to the extinguishing release decision.

Gas fire extinguishing controller for use in gas automatic fire extinguishing system, automatic detection, automatic alarm, automatic fire extinguishing controller, gas fire extinguishing controller can connect to the smoke and heat detector, the emergency stop button, automatic transfer switch, spray gas lamp, sound and light alarm devices, such as provide drivers and electromagnetic valve, used to start the gas fire extinguishing equipment.
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1. Emergency stop: In delay time and found to have abnormal situation, does not need to start the fire extinguishing system, according to the manual control box or gas extinguishing controller of the emergency stop button, can prevent controller extinguishing instruction.

2. Networking: Gas fire extinguishing controller also can connect with fire alarm controller, a remote control.
3. Application:
a)Electrical and electronic equipment;
b) Can burn liquid and can melt the solid fire;
c) Solid surface fire;
d)Can cut off the gas source gas fire extinguishing before.
Wiring Diagram:


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