Addressable Smoke Detector

AW-ASD2188 Addressable smoke detector (Detector hereunder) is a kind of photoelectric smoke detector. With an internal microprocessor, it supports electronic coding and is accessed through a compatible fire alarm control panel of AW-AFP2188 via a two-wire bus.

The detector realizes real-time acquisition of the in situ smoke concentration data and sends back the data to a fire alarm control panel. It can also receive and execute the control commands given by a fire alarm control panel.

The detector is suitable for such industrial and civil buildings that have a great deal of smoke during fires but no smoke under normal circumstances, such as restaurants, hotels, teaching buildings, office buildings, computer rooms, communication machine rooms, libraries and archives. It is not suitable for places with a great deal of retained dust and water mist, places where steam and/or oil mist may be generated and places with retained smoke under normal


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  1. It can realize electronic coding and rewrite the address via coder in situ.
  2. Within a single-chip microcomputer, it can process the sampling data in real-time, save the latest 144 historical data and realize a curve tracing for the field situation.
  3. It has a temperature, humidity and dust accumulation drift compensation function and a sensor fault detection function (fault reporting to fire alarm control panel).
  4. Non-polarity, two-bus connection that ensures convenient installation and maintenance.
  5. Designed with an upper cover and a lower cover and installed on an independent base, it can be installed, debugged and maintained conveniently.


  1. Executive standard: GB4715-2005;
  2. Operating voltage: 24V (pulse modulation);
  3. Operating current: £¼300uA (monitoring status) or £¼1.5mA (alarm status);
  4. Work indication: The red indicator will blink in the monitoring status or remain lit in the alarm status;
  5. Weight: about 70g;
  6. External dimensions: diameter: 100mm, height: 55mm (with the base);
  7. Wiring method: non-polarity two-bus system (L1, L2);
  8. Operating environment: Indoor, temperature: 10℃~+55℃; relative humidity: ≤95% (40℃±2℃, without condensation);
  9. Coding mode: It can realize electronic coding via coder in situ. Address codes 1 to 324 are available for selection;
  10. Installation height: ≤12m;
  11. Protection area: about 60m 2. For details, see related provisions in GB50116-98 Code for Design of Automatic Fire Alarm System;
  12. Matched host machine: fire alarm control panel (such as AW-AFP2188, AW-AFP2100).


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