Addressable Smoke and Heat Combined Detector


AW-ASH2188 Addressable smoke and heat combined detector (Detector here under) is a multi-complex by the smoke detector sensor and semiconductor temperature sensors from the process structure and together constitute the circuit structure.
It not only has a photoelectric smoke detector performance, and both temperature fire detector performance.
This detector is for the promise of the second bus system, with the company’s 2188 series of alarm controller supporting.

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Addressable smoke and heat combined detector features:

  1. Electronic coding, project commissioning simple and reliable;
  2. The Promise of wire bus;
  3. With the key components of self-diagnostic function;
  4. With drift compensation function and the accumulation of dust pollution reporting functions.

Addressable smoke and heat combined detector Technical parameters:

  1. perating voltage: 24V (pulse modulation);
  2. Operating current: ≤0.5mA (monitoring status) or <1.5mA (alarm status);
  3. Sensing technology: the use of photoelectric sensors and temperature sensors dual sensor technology, thermal type: A2;
  4. Weight: about 100g;
  5. External dimensions: diameter: 100mm, height: 55mm (with the base);
  6. Encoding: Electronic, coding range is 1 to 324;
  7. Operating environment: Indoor, temperature: 10℃~+50℃; relative humidity: ≤95% (40℃±2℃, without condensation);
  8. Wiring: Promise of wire;
  9. Installation height: ≤8m;
  10. Shell Material: ABS;
  11. Protection area: about 60m². For details, see related provisions in GB50116-98 Code for Design of Automatic Fire Alarm System;
  12. Matched host machine: fire alarm control panel (such as AW-AFP2188, AW-AFP2100).


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