Addressable Gas Detector

AW-AGD2188 type measurement range of 0-100% LEL of point combustible gas detectors (hereinafter referred to as detector) screen printing a thick film with high quality metal oxide semiconductor sensor for detecting combustible gas leaks, apply security monitoring in homes, factories, hotels, apartments and other presence of flammable gases, can access the ASENWARE addressable fire alarm control system to achieve network connectivity.

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  1. Detect natural gas (methane);
  2. Using semiconductor gas sensor and excellent performance MCU;
  3. Excellent reliability & High stability.


Item Index Parameter
Environment Temperature 0℃~+55℃
Working Humidity ≤95%RH, Non-condensation
Operating Voltage DC24V
Operating Voltage Range 12~28V
Working Current ≤ 35mA @DC24V (Standby), ≤ 40mA @DC24V Alarm)
Linkage Non-polarity analog 2 wire bus, current < 400uA
Value of Detection Concentration Natural gas 10%LEL(±30%)
Response time ≤30S, Self-recovery
Service life >5 Year (In clean air)
Electricity (or reset) The electric (or reset) indicator on the detector quickly double flash, after light according to the order of the green, red, yellow flashing light, accompanied by a buzzer hint sound.
Indicator light
Preheat condition, the green light shining fast (about 2 times per second);
Normal monitoring status, the green light is about once every 12 seconds flicker when there is no bus signal access (about once per minute flashing);
Alarm, the red indicator light flash (about 2 times per second);
The sensor failure, the yellow indicator light about once every 3 seconds flicker.
Buzzer When alarm, buzzer about chirping 2 per second;To failure, buzzer about sing once every 3 seconds.
Self-inspection Button Press the self-check button, indicator light cycle shiny (order of green, red, yellow), accompanied by a buzzer sound prompt.
Unit Dimensions

Shell material

φ104mm×48 mm

ABS(Antiflaming V0)


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